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Kiev is the capital of Ukraine and stretches for miles along the picturesque banks of the Dnieper. The area of the city is divided into 14 districts of more than 827 square kilometers. Only half of the territory is built up and the city is known for its shady parks, botanical gardens and numerous ponds.

Kiev is one of the largest cities in Europe and it is the economic, administrative, scientific and cultural center of the country. The city is famous for its architectural and historical monuments and represents that group splendidly in the landscape.

A great variety of theaters, museums, night clubs, and Ukrainian cuisine restaurants are available to please even the most traveled guests.

Attractions in Kiev

St. Sophia's Cathedral
St. Sophia Cathedral is one of the most important attractions of Kiev. Built in the middle of the 11th century, the cathedral is considered to be one of the most influential examples of ancient architecture. Saint Sophia Cathedral is decorated with ancient frescoes of nearly 3000 sq. m and more than 260 sq.m of mosaics. St. Sofia is one of the few churches in Europe that preserves a great number of murals originating from the 11th century. There are many other 17th century monastic buildings to see designed in the Ukrainian Baroque style.
Kiev-Pechersk Lavra
Kiev-Pechersk Lavra is the cradle of religion of Kievan Rus and the stronghold of Orthodoxy. Lavra is located on the right bank of the Dnieper River topped with numerous golden domes.

The monastery was founded in the 11th century and was built up over the following 900 years, including numerous caves on the monastery site. The caves were once lived in by the monks and their ancient tombs can still be found in these dark underground galleries. There are many galleries and museums on the site of the monastery including the Golden Fund of Ukraine famous for its rare collection of Scythian gold.
Golden Gate
Golden Gate is one of the best-preserved monuments of defensive architecture and was a gateway in the city during the times of Yaroslav the Wise. A magnificent watch-tower with a beautiful Annunciation Church was an object of admiration of contemporaries and frightened the enemies of Kievan Rus. The museum often hosts theatrical performances, exhibitions and contests dedicated to the history of ancient Kiev.
Vladimirsky Cathedral
Vladimirsky Cathedral is the classic Orthodox Church built in the traditional Byzantine architecture style. The foundation of the cathedral was dedicated to the 900th anniversary of Christianity in Kievan Rus and the cathedral was named in honor of Prince Vladimir. Vladimirsky Cathedral is a unique example of the harmony between fine art and architecture. The paintings inside and outside the cathedral were made by famous Russian artists such as Vasnetsov, Vrubel, and others.
Mariinsky Palace
The Palace was built in 1750-1755 according to Empress Elizabeth’s order. The Empress also chose the place for the palace and gave her guidance for laying out the surrounding parks and gardens. Rastrelli, one of the most prominent architects of that time, was invited to act as the main project architect. The whole architectural ensemble was created in the Baroque style. The palace is surrounded by Mariinsky Park known for its beautiful shady alleys and calm river views. Nowadays, the Mariinsky Palace serves as the official residence of the President of Ukraine.
St. Andrew's Descent
The Andrew's Descent is very similar to the Montmartre in Paris.  You can always find artists with easels and those demonstrating their works of jewelry, glass, ceramics, coins etc. You will find many street musicians and actors performing here.  You can spend your time in many comfortable cafes and bars and feel the unique atmosphere of the late nineteen century.
Khreshchatyk Street
The Independence Square and the Khreshchatyk Street is the city center of Kiev. On holidays and weekends Khreshchatyk becomes a pedestrian street where you can have a nice stroll or sit in one of the many cafes or restaurants offering great views of the area. Khreshchatyk was almost completely destroyed during the Second World War although restoration works began immediately after the war.

In Khreshchatyk St. you will find the City Council, Kiev Philharmonic Hall, Conservatory, a variety of cinemas, shops, restaurants and nightclubs etc.
Open Air Museum “Pirogovo”
The Ethnography and Architecture museum of Ukraine, sitting on nearly 150 hectares, displays hundreds of objects collected from different regions of the country. Theatrical performances and exhibitions are the trademark of Pirogovo.

Here you can buy hand-made items made of applied art, tableware and toys made of glass and ceramics, wooden jewelry boxes, jewelry pieces, etc.
Dnieper Promenade
Dnieper Promenade has always been one of the favorite places of Kiev residents and tourists and stretches from the Paton Bridge to the river station on the Poshtova Square.

You can take a boat river trip along the Dnieper or visit the monument on the Promenade dedicated to the founders of the city - three siblings named Kiy, Shek, Horeb and their sister Lybid.
National Park Reserve Goloseevsky
This is one of the largest and most beautiful parks in Kiev. It has many shady alleys stretching for miles with quiet nooks overlooking the lake, green fields, and cozy cafes for you to relax and unwind.

Theatres of Kiev

Taras Shevchenko National Opera and Ballet Theatre
The Opera and Ballet Theatre is the most brilliant neo-Renaissance building of Kiev. The architectural style of the building represents a harmonious mixture of artistic tendencies of different epochs. Operas and ballets of Tchaikovsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, Lysenko, Borodin, Gulak- Artemovsky, Prokofiev, and Mussorgsky are performed here. The theatre is also famous for its unforgettable performances of Verdi, Bizet and Rossini’s works. The repertoire of the Opera has a great number of performances; the common feature of which is their high artistic sophistication and value.
Lesya Ukrainka National Academic Theater of Russian Drama
Founded in 1926 and located in the heart of Kiev, only a few steps from Khreshatyk street, the theater performs many outstanding plays of Russian and Ukrainian dramatic art. The theater is well known as the only national Russian language theater in Ukraine. Russian Drama Theatre has always been famous for its brilliant plays and many current movie actors started their careers in this theater.
Podol Theatre
The Theater is located in the picturesque Podol district of Kiev. The history of the theatre dates back to the early 19th century when a small home theatre was organized in the house of Ivan Shatrov, a famous art patron. The theater hosted music concerts, quizzes, and amateur plays. Nowadays, following the tradition, this house has become the Podol Theatre. A great variety of performances, music concerts and meetings with audience take place in the theatrical sitting-room.
Ivan Franko National Academic Drama Theatre
The building of the theater was erected in 1898 by the prominent architects named Bradtman and Shleifer. This building at Nicholas Square decorated in the rococo style, was initially designed for the "Association of dramatic artists". The theater was founded in 1920 and its opening can be viewed as one of the most important milestones in the history of Ukrainian culture. Many coryphaeus of Ukrainian theatrical culture worked in this theater and the modern repertoire of Franko Theatre includes more than 30 performances by Ukrainian and foreign classical playwrights.
Youth Theatre
Audience of all age groups will find a show of their interest in the Kiev Municipal Youth Theatre. The theatre presents fairy tales for children, classical literature plays for students, and its performances will take adults back in time. The theatre provides spectators with a wonderful atmosphere of interaction with the actors.
National Theatre of Operetta
The operetta was founded in 1934. The theater is located in the former People's Trinity House built in 1907 (the former Theatre of Musical Comedy). The first play staged here was the operetta by Carl Zeller, "The Bird Catcher". Tuned in to the spirit of the times the theatre offers not only classic operetta, but also some contemporary musicals.
Academic Theatre of Drama and Comedy
Nowadays, it is one of the most popular theaters in Kiev and performances are staged in two languages: Ukrainian and Russian. An innovative approach to the staging of the classic plays, brilliant interpretation and breaking the stereotypes are the distinctive features of the Kiev Theatre on the Left Bank.
The State Academic Puppet Theatre
The oldest puppet theater in Ukraine was founded in Kiev in 1927 offering performances for both kids and adults. The Puppet Theatre hosts many international festivals of puppet theaters in Europe and its theatrical repertoire includes well-known tales and performances based on works by famous storytellers. The modern building of the theater is a fabulous palace with spires and a museum of antique dolls. The young visitors can even touch the puppets brought from all over the world. The entire "troupe" (dolls) is restored from time to time, but the main "cast" has remained unchanged since the establishment of the theater.
Academic Young Theatre
Kiev Academic Young Theatre is famous for brilliant directing and its fresh approach to staging classical plays. Such performances as "Don Juan" by Moliere's, "Hedda Gabler" by Ibsen, "The Tragedy of Hamlet; Prince of Denmark" by Shakespeare and "Uncle Vanya" by Chekhov are recognized even by the most traveled spectators and professionals. The theater is known as the so-called "living theater" and follows all progressive trends of the modern theatrical art.

Museums of Kiev

Ukrainian National Art Museum
The Ukrainian Museum of Art is one of the largest museums in Ukraine and the expositions are amongst the oldest in Ukraine. The museum has a unique exhibition of the works of Ukrainian paintings, drawings, illustrations, and sculptures and also boasts a unique collection of icons from the times of Kiev an Rus. A variety of genres and styles will please art lovers with a richness of traditional Ukrainian art.
Museum of Russian Art
This museum exposition includes a collection donated by philanthropist Tereshchenko, and other gatherings. The Museum preserves exhibits of art of XIII-XX centuries: old Russian icons, paintings and sculptures by Russian artists. The permanent exhibition presents works by brilliant artists Levitsky, Borovikovsky, Shishkin, Repin, Vrubel.
Museum of Toys
The collection of the Museum of Kiev Toys consists of more than 10,000 copies and exhibits collected from all over Ukraine. You can find characters from cartoons, toys made from wood, cloth and straw, and XIX century porcelain dolls dressed in silk and lace, on the shelves.
The museum contains toys which our grandmothers played with as well as modern showpieces.
Museum of Mikhail Bulgakov
Mikhail Bulgakov Museum was founded in 1993. Today the house-museum is a city legend and the favorite place of all the admirers of the great "The Master and Margarita". There are more than 2,500 exhibits based on the books of Mikhail Bulgakov in archives of the museum. It is impossible to imagine Andrew's Descent in Kiev without the Bulgakov Museum.
Museum of Ukrainian Decorative Folk Art
The Museum of Ukrainian Decorative Folk Art located on the territory of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra was founded in the 19th century. The museum collection includes more than 75,000 artifacts from the 15th-19th centuries. The exhibition presents all kinds of decorative art: carpet weaving, embroidery, woodcarving, pottery, icons, and decorative painting etc. The museum also has a collection of folk costumes from different regions of Ukraine.
Museum of Historical Treasures of Ukraine
Most of the exhibits of the museum are represented by the materials of archaeological excavations. The exhibition features more than 80,000 pieces including a unique collection of Scythian gold, contemporary jewelry made of precious stones, a collection of coins and medals, as well as the world-famous Scythian Pectoral.
Museum of Printing
This museum exhibition is devoted to the history of printing and publishing from the era of Kievan Rus till the present day. The museum's collection includes manuscripts, books from the skin samples of Cyrillic printing, a book by Ivan Fyodorov, a great number of publications of the XIX-XX centuries, contemporary book illustrations, examples of printing techniques and materials.
National Science and Natural History Museum
This is one of the largest museums of natural sciences in the world and was created as a complex consisting of geological, paleontological, archaeological, botanical and zoological museums. The museum exhibition is represented by 30 thousand exhibits depicting the origin, structure and evolution of our planet, its flora and fauna, and cultures of different tribes who once inhabited the territory of present-day Ukraine.
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